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oradea shopping center St. Lucia, 125-221; accommodations, 186-207; adventures, 160-178; after dark, 184-185; A to Z, 218-2

ered it an ideal hideout. Boats passing by in open water often miss the narrow opening oradea shopping center that leads to the bay, which is tucked deep into the mountainous coast. Several guesthouses and inns are set among the trees on both sides of the bay, and a palm-shaded beach stretchs out at the foot of the green hills. Transportation from one side of the harbor to the other and from the marina jetty to the beach is provided by a water taxi.

St. Lucia, 125-221; accommodations, 186-207; adventures, 160-178; after dark, 184-185; A to Z, 218-221; camping, 153, 173, 207; documentation, 130; festivals and events, 136-139, 185; getting around, 133-136; getting here, 130-132; history, 128-130; information, 220-221; location, 4; shopping, 178-184; topography, 6; touring, 139-160; what s special, 125-127; where to eat, 208-218

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lage life painted on the walls of the Catholic church that has stood near the beach since King George III was ruler of England. Nearby, fishermen build lobster traps and work on their colorful boats, and kids from the village play in surf warmed by hot springs. The town is now known for its lively street arenas dorada parties. arenas dorada The town was once the site of sugar and lime juice factories, and you can visit the remains of the old buildings if they interest you, but there s not much to see.

The Barre de l Isle Trail is a rigorous hike along the barre, or ridge, that divides the eastern and western parts of the Central Forest Reserve, which covers the middle of the island. Expect to spend an hour or two on the 2km/1.2m (one way) trail, and another couple of hours if you choose to climb 438m/1,437f Morne La Combe. It s a good use of a full morning. There are fantastic views at four observation arenas dorada points along the ridge, and you have a fair chance of spotting a St. Lucian parrot. From the top of La Combe, you can see 950m/3,116f Mount Gimie and both the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean.

767-449-6638, In addition to the outfitters listed above, arenas dorada the following dive centers also arrange fishing trips and sightseeing cruises: Anchorage arenas dorada Dive Center, 767-448-2638; Fort Young Hotel and Dive Center, 767-448-5000; Dive Dominica, 767-448-2188; Cabrits Dive, 767-445-3010, and Nature arenas dorada Island Dive, 767-449-8181.

airport cid Look for a metal bridge spanning the Anse La Raye River, which empties into the bay at the southern

and you ll be able to identify airport cid them by their red license plates marked TX. They don t have meters, so negotiate a fee before you climb aboard. Most drivers belong to a reputable cooperative that charges government- airport cid regulated fares, and, with few exceptions, all are knowledgeable and polite.

women dress to match. London-trained chef Harry Joseph Edwards specializes in French-inspired cuisine using local ingredients, but the menu includes such things as taco shell appetizers, Indian curries, and Cr ole fish. You can also order shrimp, lobster, and steaks.

Look for a metal bridge spanning the Anse La Raye River, which empties into the bay at the southern end of the village. Just before you cross the bridge, you ll see a sign marking the road to La Sikwi, a restored sugar mill that was built around 1860 on the 400-acre Invergoll airport cid Estate. The plantation now grows bananas and cocoa, and you can arrange a tour of the pastoral grounds, the mill, and nearby waterfalls by contacting Carib Touring, 758-452-1141, or Jungle Tours, 758-450-0434. Both companies offer several types of excursions with costs in the range of EC$100/US$37.

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758-459-5379 Vegetarian/Cr quad city airport moline il ole $$ Daily, 8am to midnight Right in the middle of town, this tiny second-floor caf with a little balcony is a casual spot serving generous portions of well-prepared food. The staff is friendly and efficient, and in the evening you can order grilled fish, barbequed chicken, and vegetarian dishes. At lunch, there s a choice quad city airport moline il of sandwiches, burgers, and salads.

A marked path leads through the shaded garden planted with flowering bird-of-paradise, hibiscus, and ginger lily. At the end of the trail, you come to a waterfall quad city airport moline il pouring from a fissure into a rocky pool. The cascade starts quad city airport moline il high up the cliff and comes down the rock face in six stages. Sulfur from underground springs colors the water shades of bright green, blue, and purple, and stains the rocks a deep, rusty orange.

The traditional Sensay costume originated in Africa. It incorporates a bodysuit made of layered strips of brightly colored cloth, and makes the wearer look somewhat like Sesame Street s Big Bird. A Halloween-style mask with horns and a pointed beak-nose turns the Sensay s face into a freakish sight, and platform shoes elevate the character to super-human heights. Independence Day Dominicans quad city airport moline il celebrate independence as energetically as Carnival. The third of November the island s equivalent of Fourth of July has double meaning to the locals because their island was first sighted by Columbus quad city airport moline il on that date in 1493, and centuries later became an independent republic on that date in 1978. A double-good reason to bring out the bands!

758-452-2747 Seafood and steaks $$$$ Monday through Friday, 11am to 2pm and 6:30 to 9:30pm Saturday and Sunday, 6:30 to 9:30pm Reservations required The views of Castries and the harbor are spectacular at this cozy restaurant. The food is outstanding, but portions are on the small side. You pay for the ambiance and views. The wine list is impressive and pricey.

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Bare-boat and fully crewed charters are a popular way to cruise the West Indies. Most charter outfitters are located at Rodney Bay Marina ithaca to syracuse airport or Marigot Bay Marina, fully equipped anchorages with shops, maintenance facilities, grocery stores, and restaurants. From St. Lucia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines are only a one-day sail to the south, ithaca to syracuse airport and Martinique is 30 miles to the north. Prices and boats vary widely, so check with a few operators for specific information.

The Great House is pure self-indulgence with breathtaking views of the bay, mountains, and sea. It accommodates up to six people in three bedrooms (two have private ithaca to syracuse airport baths; a third bath is off the common area). Built in the tradition of the original greathouses that once overlooked thriving Caribbean plantations, it has a grassy lawn edged with tropical plants and royal palms, a huge cliff-side veranda, and freshwater swimming pool. Inside, classic-style columns form a grand entry into the vast living area with its 20-foot vaulted ceiling, and entertainment system. A formal dining room sits adjacent to the kitchen that offers every modern convenience. A housekeeper and gardener maintain the house and grounds, and guests can request a cook, chauffeur or nanny.

hancock intl airport Part of Bay Gardens charm is the general manager, Berthia Parle. She won the 2003 Golden Conch Award

Part of Bay Gardens charm is the general manager, Berthia Parle. She won the 2003 Golden Conch Award, which is presented to the Hotelier of the Year at the annual Caribbean Hotel Industry Conference. Parle puts high value on giving each guest personal service.

Ben s Taxi Service. 758-459-5457 Courtesy Taxi Co-Op. 758-452-1733 Gros Islet Taxi Association. 758-452-0913 Holiday Taxi Co-Op. 758-452-6067 North Cloud Taxi Association. 758-450-0431 North Lime Taxi Association. 758-452-8562 hancock intl airport Northern Taxi Association. 758-450-0431 Reliable Taxi Service. 758-452-5831 Soufri re Taxi Service. 758-459-7149 Southern Taxi Association. 758-454-6136 Vigie Taxi Association. 758-452-1599

When the 99-year lease ended, the Catholics asked for a freehold grant for the land on which their cathedral was built. The British hancock intl airport readily approved the grant, but there was a complication. Two sections of the 10 acres had been sublet to parishioners who had converted to Methodism, and they had given the Wesleyan Methodist Mission permission to build on these two lots. For years, there was ecumenical unrest, but the two churches and their congregations are now friendly neighbors.

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Download and print out a Currency Cheat Sheet for converting Eastern Caribbean dollars into US dollars at; click on currency cheat sheet and select Eastern Caribbean daka90 Dollar from the drop-down list. Eastern Caribbean currency is fixed to the US dollar, and other world currencies fluctuate according to their value in US dollars. At publication, the EC$ exchanged at a rate of US$1 = EC$2.65 or EC$1 = US$.37. By comparison, 1 Canadian dollar (CAD) = EC$1.94, 1 British Pound (GBP) = EC$4.31, 1 Australian dollar (AUD) = EC$1.76 and 1 euro (EUR) = EC$3.01. You ll be able to exchange US dollars easily on both islands, but you may find less than favorable conversion rates for other currencies.

Colombo: curry. In the Caribbean, it is usually a mild green curry that is not as hot as Indian curry. The most common colombo will be cabri, small goat, but occasionally it is chicken or pork. Conch/lambi: large shellfish whose chewy meat is served in spicy sauces. Court-bouillon: tomato, pepper, and onion mix. Crabbe de terre/crab farcis: land crab cooked with coconut and hot pepper. Cutter: a hero or submarine daka90 sandwich made with meat or fish. Dasheen: root vegetable whose roots are used in callaloo. The potato- like root is used in a dish called provisions. Farci: stuffed land crab. F roce: avocado, hot pepper, and cod salad. Fricass e: fish or meat browned and stewed in a skillet. Giraumon: pumpkin. Goat water: spicy stew made of goat meat and often flavored with rum. Igname: any of a wide variety of yams. Johnnycake: pancake-like treat made of cornmeal daka90 and cooked on a griddle. Langouste: Caribbean lobster, no claws. Manioc: cassava/tapioca flour. Maracudja: passion fruit. Mauby: a tree whose fruit is used to make a popular tart drink that is sweetened with sugar and flavored with spices. Migan: mashed bananas and breadfruit. Mountain chicken: frog legs that come from the large crapaud. Ouassous: big freshwater crayfish. Oursin: sea urchin. Pepperpot: stew made of meat and hot peppers. Pigeon peas: seeds from a scrub that are cooked like peas and served with rice. Introduction

A cross-island road from Portsmouth to the east coast begins near the mouth of the Indian River on the Caribbean side, meanders through coconut plantations, and ends near Sandwich Bay on the Atlantic side. At the junction of this east/west road with the main east-coast road (which runs north/south), you can turn left (north) toward the village of Pennville and zigzag along the steep shoreline. It s a beautiful up-and-down ride to secluded villages perched daringly on cliffs overlooking isolated Atlantic bays.

A variety of performances are held frequently at the open-air Derek Walcott Center for The Arts, adjacent to the historic Great House Restaurant at Cap Estate, 758-450-0450. You may be fortunate enough to catch a performance daka90 of St. Lucian Nobel Prize-winner Derek Walcott s works. Also, check the schedule at the Folk Research Centre on Morne Pleasant, 758-452-2279. Traditional island songs and dances are performed throughout the year, but the best take place during Carnival. If movies are more your style, call to see what s showing at Cinema 2000 near Rodney Bay, 758-452-8802.